Enhanced Model

The Enhanced Model of the mySmartWorkBuddy adds a whole new level of functionality.

The images below elaborate on what can be included with the Enhanced Model of the tool. With so many features it will be an indispensable tool for all Home /Property Inspectors for years to come!

A few enhanced model features:

  • Tracking Device – this device can be embedded in the unit. You made an investment and you would want to retrieve it if it were lost or stolen.
  • Two-Way Radio – used to communicate with Assistants/Office/Client.Your Company Logo and Colors – these can be embedded in the Tool Caddy Hook & Loop surface
  • Head/Ear Pods – for more private communication
  • Credit Card Processing – get paid for those added services with this on-board feature.
  • Heated Handle Grip – this will be welcomed on those cold outside inspections & vacant no-heat properties.
  • UV Light – used to find animal & human urine.
  • Telescopic Rigid Rod and Flexible Extension Cable – both can be used with the Drill Motor Port, or the Screw-In Accessory Ports
    Halide/Freon Detector – this is for locating AC refrigerant leaks.
  • Tripod Attachment Bar – this secures to the unit to hold it at the desired height & angle.
  • Air Pressure & Water Pressure Gauges
  • Air Pump – this is used to inflate the well water compression tank, tires, etc
  • Microwave Detector
  • Belt Clip –used to secure the unit to your hip for better mobility.
  • And many more

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